Stafettprofilen: Adam Digby

Stafettprofilen: Adam Digby

Karlstad kallar är på mingelhumör och vill lära känna er bättre. Därför har vi skickat ut en stafettprofilpinne och så får vi se om vi någonsin kommer i mål! Den här gången lämnade Marthe Hem vidare till Adam Digby som ni kan lära känna lite bättre nedan!

Namn: Adam Digby

Ålder: 31

Bor: Karlstad

Jobbar som: Restaurangchef Clarion Collection Hotel Drott / Drott Bar

Beskriv dig själv med tre ord:

Chunky yet Funky

Vad är det bästa med ditt jobb?

The incredible team I have, they really are amazing. They give the best service in Karlstad in my opinion! 

Vilken är den största utmaningen med ditt jobb?

My Team. I have a really great group and there all so different so it is a fun challenge to manage & motivate them in different way.

Vad gör du helst en ledig dag?

I would say sunbathing on my balcony with far to much tanning oil on, then cooking for friends and playing some fun games. We have just got a really funny new game called ”What do you meme?”. It is a card game and it is so hysterical to play in a group, especially when you have had a few drinks!

Berätta om ditt största intresse.

I am a huge Chelsea fan so I try and watch a lot of football on tv when I can, but it is not easy as I work many weekends & evenings! Also me & my boyfriend collect vinyls together, so whenever we travel we spend alot of time going round vinyl stores. We both love Bowie & have 24 of his LPs. We recently got a Bowie LP called Earthling which is quite rare.

Har du någon udda talang?

I have a talent for finding myself in strange situations! 

Vad är Värmland för dig?

Värmland is a really nice area full of nature and space what reminds me a lot of my home county Hampshire. However Karlstad is a much nicer place to live than my home town Basingstoke what has the famous nickname ”roundabout city” because it has so many roundabouts!

Vad får man inte missa om man är i stan?

I of course i must say going to Drott Bar! We have amazing food, awesome drinks and the best service!

During this time we have some really good offers going! You can pick up a breakfast bag each morning from 5.30 am for 70 kr. We have takeaway available on our menu with 20% off during this period & we have a super great catering you can order and pick up. 

 I would also say any small restaurant or bar in Karlstad. Right now its more important than ever to support your local!

Vem tycker du att vi ska skicka stafettpinnen vidare till och varför?

Felix Olofsson. He is a really nice guy and he does alot of photography & filming for businesses around Karlstad. Felix very kindly offered his services to help us make a video promoting Drott Bar during this tough period of time we are ALL in right now!

Magnus Skoglund

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